Our SEO tool accumulates a history of your website across several data points. We assemble this data into one chart. You can decide which data points you’d like to compare by turning each on or off. Want to do some excel magic with your data? Just download the chart data into a CSV and go-to-town!

Here are the datapoints we collect for your website:

Of course, we’re only able to collect this data if you give our tool access to your Google Search Console account. From there you  can mix and match this information to draw conclusions about your website’s performance.

Once we collect this information, you’ll have access to its history. You can set a time-range to narrow-down SEO problems. You can even compare it against a previous amount of time, to see how things are progressing.

Of course, don’t forget, we also send you a weekly reminder of what’s going on with your site- so you can take action to improve your search position on Google.

We’re only accepting beta testers now. The best way to be invited to our beta test is to signup for the Reliable Acorn email list.