What is a URLs Blocked Error in Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) is an especially valuable tool for any individual or business with a website. With Google being the most commonly used search engine, you want to ensure that Googlebot is able to crawl your website entirely and correctly. Additionally, Google Search Console also provides beneficial insights on the different types of errors that may or may not exist within your website. One such error indicates that URLs are blocked for smartphones.

What is the URLs Blocked for Smartphones Error?

When Google Search Console indicates that URLs are blocked for smartphones, it means that the smartphone Googlebot is unable to access the URLs because they are blocked in your robots.txt file. When Googlebot is blocked, these URLs cannot be crawled and indexed, so they may not show up in the search results pages.

*The desktop version of these URLs may also be blocked, but this error message is specific for smartphone URLs.

How Do You Fix the URLs Blocked for Smartphones Error?

 Since this error can directly impact your website’s presence in the search results pages, it is important to address this issue promptly. How?

  1. Review your website’s robots.txt file. The whole point of a robots.txt file is to indicate areas of your website that should not be crawled or indexed. Unfortunately, one tiny error can impact URLs that you did not intend to block. Examine your robots.txt file closely to see if you are accidentally blocking Googlebot for smartphone from certain URLs within your website.
  2. Consider implementing responsive web design. You have several different options when it comes to implementing a mobile website. With separate URLs, the desktop and smartphone versions of your website will have unique URLs and HTML. In a dynamic serving website, the URLs will stay the same, but the HTML code changes for the desktop and smartphone versions. With responsive web design, both the URLs and HTML stay the same, regardless of how the user is viewing the website. By implementing responsive web design, you can keep things consistent, which reduces your chance of error when it comes to inadvertently blocking Googlebot.