Weekly SEO Dashboard

A few years ago, I was sitting down with a couple other SEO professionals and we realized: Google Search Console has a lot of great data, that we never look at. Things always come up that distract us from this basic (and free) SEO tool.

That’s why I built this tool. Every week, it sends you an actionable SEO dashboard based on your data in Google Search Console. From here you’ll quickly identify problems and be able to take action.

Each week, this dashboard will send you a comparison between:

  • Each kind of crawl error. Have more errors been discovered? Did you fix your previous errors?
  • Search analytics data. Is Google sending people to your site? Are they clicking on your site in the SERPs? Where are your pages ranking in Google? We break this data down into several points:
    • Sitewide data. This is just a broad overview of your entire site’s performance.
    • Homepage data. This is always the most important page on any site. Not only do we show you your search analytics data here, but we also tell you the top 5 keywords that brought clicks to your homepage.
    • Up to 5 pages on your site that you specify. For the pages you choose, we’ll share the search analytics data and the top 5 keywords that brought clicks to your page. In fact, we might even have some suggestions for you (see below).
  • Sitemap data. Did Google have any problems reading your sitemap? What percent of pages (that you submitted) is Google actually indexing?
  • Exclusive: SEO Opportunities. We look at the phrases that are bringing clicks to your site and suggest phrases (and pages) that might bring more traffic to your site, with a little extra work. You might start tracking these pages as you improve your rankings.

Don’t be surprised the next time someone removes pages from your site. Don’t be caught off-guard when Google changes their algorithm. Signup to get the weekly SEO dashboard in your inbox.

Right now, this is only open to beta testers. The best way to be invited to this tool is by signing up for the Reliable Acorn monthly email.